The results of the “IndieDICE+ Board Game Contest 2013″

We are pleased to announce that we have selected three winners for each of the following categories:

Category: The most interesting visual style
Winner: Janis Lisovskis
Game title: Backgammon masters

This is the one of the best extended version of Backgammon – the game is very popular among board game fans. Backgammon Masters was refined by the addiction of DICE+. The game has extended modes and option which include the ability to chat online within the game. All of these features are presented in unique graphics. DICE+ allows Backgammon fans to enjoy their favorite game in a new, attractive way.

Category: The most pleasant gameplay
Winner: Piotr Sienkowski
Game title: Wings of Fire

An atypical implementation of DICE+ gave us the possibility to steer a plane and use the magic cube like a controller. This is an interesting tournament based on shooting targets, all in great graphics.

Category: The most untypical use of the DICE+ device
Winner: Przemysław Bieniek
Game title: Board Craft

Do you have a grand scheme for a board game but don’t know how to make it happen? Create it yourself with Board Craft! This is an intuitive system which is very helpful if you want create simple or extended board games. You can choose from traditional pre-existing elements or draw brand new ones! The possibilities are limited only by your own imagination!

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