Our vision


We set board games in motion.

Board games are an entertainment “as old as the hills” – as long as five thousand years ago, a game was played in the city of Ur in Mesopotamia which consisted of a board, pawns and dice!

Thousands of games were developed, with dice being a common feature of many of them. Initially they were made of animal bones. Over time, dice made of wood, stone and metal appeared. Throughout the centuries, hundreds of new, less or more popular games were invented, but one thing remained unchanged – dice. It was not until the 20th century that a real change came about with the use of plastics, which made it possible to make non-standard dice with any number of sides and in an infinite range of colors.

After five thousand years, the time has come for a real renaissance of dice. Time has accelerated and, as the game board has been replaced by a TV or tablet screen, the dice also had to be reinvented. We have redefined this element and adjusted it to a world dominated by electronics, rivalry and social media. This is how we have set yet another milestone in the history of dice and board games: by creating the DICE+ electronic dice, and an entirely new entertainment category – powered board games.

Our identity

Game Technologies was founded by enthusiasts of board games from
Q-workshop, one of the world’s largest manufacturers of dice established in 2004. In 2010, DICE+, a universal board game controller was created. It was first revealed at the E3 Trade Fair. The enthusiastic reception of the prototypes encouraged the launch of the mass production. The manufacturing plants and development centres have been located in Europe. Recapitalised with a $10 million investment, Game Technologies was transformed into a joint-stock company. Today, it is developing new products and related applications.
At present, the company employs more than 80 people in its offices in the EU, US and Far East.The colours in our logotype have a deeper meaning – they symbolise components used in our products. Technology, Materials, Software – each of them is of top quality because our products are designed with attention to details.



Green stands for the Electronics: printed circuit boards, integrated circuits, transistors and microprocessors. Our products are high class innovative technology solutions. At our R&D department, we develop solutions and technologies to be used in electronic entertainment devices.



Blue stands for the Materials – advanced enough to be thrown and rolled. Falling from a table, flooding with spilled beverages, prolonged use – it is the everyday environment for our products. This is why they have been designed with maximum focus on their durability and quality of workmanship. We use the best and most excellent materials to achieve the desired result.


Games and software

Black stands for the Software. Without the support of dedicated applications, our dice would be just an interesting gadget. This is why, in partnership with the Synergy-IT team, we develop dedicated applications for DICE+. With them, you can enjoy the great games immediately after taking the dice out of the box.