Entertainment is our game

We know what we’re talking about – we are the people who brought you Q-workshop, the world’s second biggest dice manufacturer.

In 2001 Patryk Strzelewicz, the current CEO at GamesTechnologies, has succeeded in doing the very thing which made many business success stories possible – he found a niche in the market. It might seem that, insofar as dice are concerned, there is simply nothing new to come up with. It is hard to think of a more standardized product – after all, anyone you ask about how a die looks like will give you almost the same description. And yet it has turned out that there is a substantial group of individuals who are willing to pay for something special – for dice the style of which matches the given game. No matter what you’re playing – an RPG, a wargame, a card game or a board game – your game will become much more atmospheric if your dice come in an appropriate colour and are adorned with eye-catching graphics. The idea turned out to be a great success.

Within a couple of years from its foundation, owing, among other things, to cooperation with game manufacturers, Q-workshop has become the world’s second biggest dice manufacturer. Currently, the company manufactures 1200 types of dice, sold both online and through its distributors based in 35 countries on five continents. The total number of dice made every year is more than 2 million!

However, the world never ever stands still; this is even more true for the world of business. In years 2009-2010 we have seen a dramatic expansion of the market for tablets, which have revolutionized the gaming industry. This trend has not escaped our attention, and so we have decided to make another step forward, replacing traditional dice with electronic dice. Using our business experience and an in-depth knowledge of the games market, we have set up GamesTechnologies – a company which has developed a new games controller completely from scratch.

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