DICE+ is the most technologically advanced game controller in the market and also the simplest to use.

A dice – it might be just a cube with numbered sides, and yet it has accompanied human civilization for more than five thousand years. The rapid development of the tablet market has brought about a real revolution even in this field of entertainment, which remained relatively unchanged for centuries. Game boards, both classic and new, have migrated to tablet and TV screens. However, the fact that the number of steps a player will move is generated by a computer deprives the games of all the magic, excitement and uncertainty involved with dice rolling. That’s why DICE+ has been created – a dice for the future. This state-of-the-art mini wonder combines the fun of playing traditional board games with the endless possibilities offered by tablets.

How does it work?

DICE+ has no on/off switch – a movement of the dice is enough to start playing. DICE+ automatically connects with your Bluetooth-equipped device and instantly transmits the result of each roll to it. Moreover, the dice itself detects if the roll has been rolled correctly and if has turned the required number of times, automatically informing all players about it. Could things be simpler and more intuitive?

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