DICE+ is now available at Apple Store

DICE+, is now available in American Apple Store. Thanks to that, fans of games and latest technology can buy it from all over the world. DICE+ is offered in Apple Store on an exclusivity basis.

You can see it next to the latest models of iPhone, iPad or MacBook computers.

- DICE+ is a breakthrough product – it transfers traditional games to the world of digital entertainment. Our partners from Apple appreciated this and after an advanced research they offered us placing DICE+ in their store – says Patryk Strzelewicz, one of the inventors of electronic dice. – This device was created and prototyped in Poland, here are also our production lines. Now, thanks to the partnership with Apple everyone can get this device.

DICE+ is a high-tech version of traditional dice. Thanks to the built-in technology it also functions as a game controller that communicates with tablets and other smart devices via Bluetooth Low Energy technology. The electronic dice is made from best quality materials. Thanks to implementing innovative solutions digits light up from below the surface of six sides. Inside the device there is a inbuilt processor, accelerometer, magnetometer, six RGB diodes and tens of other electronic units. Thanks to them DICE+ is very intuitive to use.

DICE+ works with tablets with iOS and Android operating systems. Embedded battery gives you up to 20 hours of continuous play on a single charge.

The device was officially introduced to the market at the trade fair for video games Gamescom in Cologne in August 2013. Now there is over a dozen of games that are compatible with DICE+. Till the end of 2013 there will be five games more available. Tens of new games are in development.

Before the official launch, Angela Merkel – the Chancellor of Germany and Donald Tusk – the Prime Minister of Poland, had a chance to play a digital version of Ludo using DICE+. The gameplay took place at the world’s leading high-tech event, CeBIT.

DICE+ together with a set of several games is available for 39,99 USD.

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