Games Technologies products are made in a factory situated in the Logistic City, a center based in the middle of Poland. All elements of the enclosure are made in Europe.




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Recruitment process

To deliver the best service and innovative solutions to our customers, Game Technologies seeks best candidates – both experienced professions and fresh graduates.


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About Us video

Watch a short video in which we summarize the history of our company and our previous achievements.

Our mission

We set board games in motion

Board games are an entertainment “as old as the hills” – as long as five thousand years ago a game was played in the city of Ur in Mesopotamia, which consisted of a board, pawns and dice!
Now, five thousand years later, time has come for a real renaissance of dice. Time has accelerated and, as the game board has been replaced by a TV or tablet screen, the dice also had to be reinvented.

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